FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

How can I log in to MediaCenter?
If you are not yet a StudioLine user and would like to upload files and manage albums, you will need (at minimum) StudioLine Photo Basic, which is available for free.
Start your StudioLine and select "MediaCenter" from the "Share" menu.
  • If it's your first login, click on the button "Register" and fill in the registration form.
  • Finally click on "Create User Account".
  • After successful registering you'll receive an email with an activation link. Please open the link to activate your new user account.
If You're already a registered user, just enter your user name and password and click on "Login".
Under which internet address (URL) can I access my images?
On registering your MediaCenter user account, you can choose a sub domain free of charge. So your published files are accessible by the following combinations: When you publish an album, the album name will be appended to your MediaCenter addess. For an album named "Beispiel":
What file types can I upload to MediaCenter?
You can upload all files to MediaCenter, which are stored in your StudioLine image archive.
In the folder settings you can set up if you want to upload the originals of your images or if you want to render JPG images of a specific size before uploading. You RAW images can even be viewed in your albums, if you upload them as originals.
Video files can be played in the albums.
In general you have to consider our Terms of Use on uploading files.

Albums, Files and more

What is an album and how do I create one?
You can organize your files inside MediaCenter in folders and sub folders. Any folder (including its sub folders) can be published as an album.
  • Start StudioLine and log into MediaCenter.
  • Right click on the folder, which you want to publish as an album, and select "Settings".
  • By entering a name in "Album Name" you publish the folder as an album. To remove the album, just clear this field; your files won't be deleted from your MediaCenter.
  • Now you can choose a password to protect the content and choose whether visitors can download the contained files.
  • The album is created by clicking on "OK".
In the top bar of the folder content you see a link to the appropriate album which contains the current displayed folder.
How do I enter my albums on the internet search engines?
After uploading files to public accessible albums, the corresponding internet addresses (URLs) are submitted to, Bing and Google automatically. After they add your files to their search index, you'll be able to search and find them there.
Who can search for my images and files?
Your images and files can only be searched for if you publish the corresponding folders as an album or if it's contained inside an album.
Visitors of your albums can search for your content by entering any descriptions or keywords into the search field.
Can I embed an album or a slide show into my own website?
Open the context menu of the desired album to generate the HTML code to embed the album as an iframe on your site.
Just enter the needed width and height for the embeded frame and copy the generated HTML-Code to your website.

User Profile

Can I connect MediaCenter with other social networks like Facebook or Twitter?
After you logged in to MediaCenter, open the "User Settings" menu and enter the internet address (URL) of your website or your facebook profile name.
If you connect MediaCenter with your Twitter account, you can send automated tweets on uploading files to public accessible albums.
Visitors of your albums can contact you via links to your social network profiles.
How can I recover a forgotten password?
You can reset your password by submitting the "Lost Password?" Form. An email with a new password will be sent to you promptly.
Can I delete my user account?
To delete your MediaCenter user account, start StudioLine and sign in to MediaCenter. Select "Edit Profile" from the "User Settings" menu. After clicking on "Delete User Account", you’ll be prompted for your password to confirm.