Getting Started

Register with MediaCenter.PLUS


Click the "MediaCenter" button in the toolbar or select "MediaCenter" from the menu "Share" to access your MediaCenter. A logon window will appear. If you had previously registered, you simply enter your logon information and click "Login".


To create a MediaCenter user, click "Register". Once you supply your chosen user name, password and email address, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a link. Click the link in the confirmation email to activate your MediaCenter account. Now you’re ready to log into MediaCenter.PLUS.

During the registration you can choose your own subdomain, under which your MediaCenter is accessible, e.g.

To manage your MediaCenter, you need to have StudioLine and Internet Explorer 7 (or later) installed.

Uploading Images to Your MediaCenter

The "MediaCenter" window resembles the StudioLine Image Archive. On the left side is a folder pane. Each folder can be turned into a distinct online album (see below). The content pane on the right side shows the images contained in the folder that currently is selected in the folder pane. The toolbar offers a link to view the online album on the web plus buttons for a variety of functions. The status line on the bottom shows the remaining space for your MediaCenter.


To upload images to your album, simply select them in the Image Archive by clicking on them, then hold the left mouse button and drag the images into the right (content) pane of "MediaCenter" window. Instead, you can also drag the images to a folder in the folder pane.


Another option is to drag an entire folder from the Image Archive to the "MediaCenter" window. This will upload this folder and all sub-folders to your MediaCenter.

You are free to drag images to a different folder at any time, or hand-sort the images inside a folder by dragging them in the desired order.


The toolbar button "New Folder" or the context menu entry "New" on folders is used to create a new subfolder in the current album. Enter a suitable name and then click "OK".

Sharing Folders as Album

Any folder in the "MediaCenter" window can become a distinct online album, each with unique settings. You will assign an online name to the folder, which will become part of the online album’s web address (URL) - e.g. "sample.MediaCenter.PLUS/testalbum". You can find the web address for an online album, by first clicking its folder in the folder pane and then look up the current web address in the toolbar.

Convenient Search

Simply enter the first few characters of your search criteria in the search input field to see a list of corresponding suggestions.

Download Files

When you enable the download of files in your album settings, you'll find checkboxes below the files in the image list and single image views of MediaCenters to select the files. The selection keeps valid while you go to another page or open any folder inside the current album.

album settings

The selected files are offered for download as one compressed file. So you can download all your favorites of an album in one single step.


Any geotagged images are shown on a map.

Device Independant Slide Show

Your albums may be viewed as a slide show on any Internet capable computer, tablet, smart phone or TV.


The display size of the images will automatically adapt to size of the browser window. Settings may be customized to control the delay between images and to run the slide show in a continuous loop.

A thunbnail ribbon across the bottom allows quick navigation through the images.

Demo Slide Show

Send Attractive Invitations

Invite your friends and family to enjoy your albums.


Your invitations are delivered by email. There will be a preview of the first five images in your album, plus a link for a slide show of your album. If you permitted downloading of your images, then an appropriate download link will also be included.